A Guide to Headstone Artwork

headstone artwork

A Guide to Headstone Artwork

Modern headstones often display images alongside the epitaph. Likenesses of the deceased can even appear as detailed as a photograph. Headstone artwork can express sentiment just as clearly as words. Use images or symbols that reflect your loved one’s impact in this world. Highlight his or her personality traits and accomplishments.

Ideas for Headstone Artwork

Customized designs allow you to choose an image that provides comfort to you and your family. For an infant headstone, you might want to portray an angel, a teddy bear, or a pair of praying hands. Consider illustrating a Bible verse or quote.

Here are some appropriate Bible verses that lend themselves to illustration.

  • “Sleep on now, and take your rest.” Matthew 26:45
  • “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8

Another popular choice for headstone artwork is to showcase a particular hobby or interest. For instance, if the deceased was a fisherman, you may want to etch the image of fish onto his gravestone. Stone craftsmen can also reproduce actual photos onto stone headstones.

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Where to Find Images for a Headstone

The best place to look for headstone artwork is here. Browse through a wide variety of images seen on actual headstones and search for ideas. You can also look online by searching Google’s database of clipart.

Personal photos of your family member are another good source of headstone artwork. Look for a headshot where the camera focus is on the individual. It is fine if there are others in the photo. The desired image can be extracted.

Headstone Design that Incorporates Images

Not all grave markers are the right size or shape for an image. Obviously, small markers won’t allow much room for a picture in addition to the name and date. An upright monument is usually larger in size and displays an image quite nicely. Your memorial designer can help you find the best style to showcase your artwork.

If you plan to use a double headstone design, your headstone will be even larger since it can cover two grave spaces. Many companion headstones have pictures of the deceased couple, or symbols of their love etched into the stone.

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How can you learn more about custom headstone design?

Always in Stone makes custom headstones and memorials for the people in Elkhart County Indiana. Visit either of our two showrooms and let us help you incorporate your headstone artwork into your design. We are here to provide support during a difficult time. Whether it’s creating the perfect epitaph, or help you select the right color of granite, we support you every step of the way.

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