Can I Design My Own Headstone?

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Can I Design My Own Headstone?

By designing your headstone in advance, you can specify the details so that your family knows it looks the way you like. Also, by letting your family know how you’d like your headstone design to look, things will be less stressful during a difficult emotional time.

How To Personalize Your Headstone

Virtually every element of your headstone can be personalized. These elements include the material, color, epitaph, and even your graveside accessories. Think about the way you’d like the tombstone to look and also consult the guidelines where you plan to purchase your funeral plot. Most cemeteries restrict the size and materials used for their headstones.

Many people want their headstones to be a celebration of life rather than a memorial. They choose to engrave photos of themselves or include encouraging Scripture verses. Others prefer to share their headstones with their spouses and commemorate their marriages. Selecting the perfect epitaph is one of those things that you can do for your family. They will know the words are from your heart.

Do you need to purchase the headstone ahead of time?

Designing your headstone does not necessarily mean purchasing it. Instead, you may want to put the design on paper along with any images or photos you might want to be etched into your stone. If you have pre-planned your funeral, you can place your headstone instructions in a folder with the rest of your paperwork.

Make sure you call a local headstone company and check if your design is feasible. You may also want to get a quote for the cost of the headstone. Asking your family members to purchase a memorial outside of their budgets could put undue stress on them after the funeral. If possible, you may want to set aside the funds for the headstone ahead of time.

Sharing Your Headstone Design With Your Family

One of the benefits of planning your headstone ahead of time is the relief it can bring to your family. However, be sure to talk with your family about the kind of tombstone you’d like and show them your plans. If you have chosen to pre-plan your funeral, then headstone planning is just another element.

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