What Is Proper Cemetery Etiquette?

cemetery etiquette at a funeral

What Is Proper Cemetery Etiquette?

While cemeteries can be sweet places of reflection and remembering, they deserve a certain level of respect. People go to cemeteries to mourn and honor their loved ones. Consequently, it is important to understand cemetery etiquette.

What is the proper cemetery etiquette?

Utilize the following guide to remain polite and respectful when you visit the cemetery.

1. Keep your voices down.

Loud, boisterous laughing or talking will likely disturb anyone else who may be visiting the cemetery at the same time as you. Be courteous to others by keeping your voice low and avoiding disruptive jokes or behavior.

2. Avoid walking over graves.

Try not to step over anyone’s grave if at all possible. Since a grave represents a person’s final resting place, the respectful thing to do is to walk between the gravestones. If it can’t be avoided, do it quickly.

3. Keep pets leashed.

Pets are family too, and if the cemetery permits it, it is perfectly okay to bring them along. However, keep them leashed out of respect to other visitors. A loose dog will walk over graves and potentially disrupt someone’s grieving process.

4. Respect the personal space of other visitors.

It is fine to be friendly, and there is nothing wrong with a kind smile or nod to other cemetery visitors. However, it might be best to save the small talk for the grocery store. Other visitors might not be emotionally prepared to uphold a conversation. Be courteous, and keep a respectful distance.

5. Respect the cemetery’s rules.

Always educate yourself on the cemetery’s rules and standards. Not every cemetery is the same, and some might close early or not allow pets. Respect the rules they have set in place.

6. Ensure everyone knows how to behave.

If you are bringing friends, family, or children to the cemetery, make sure you cover the rules with everyone before leaving. That way, everyone is on the same page and there’s no question regarding behavior and etiquette.

7. Don’t touch the gravestones.

If the deceased individual is not a loved one of yours, avoid touching their headstone. Gravestones are unique and special to each individual and should be treated with care.

Why shouldn’t you touch the headstones?

Headstones are often sentimental to the deceased individual’s loved ones. They summarize an individual’s life, who they were, and some even have a meaningful quote or message. Custom gravestones provide a wonderful way of honoring someone’s memory.

Always in Stone makes custom headstones and memorials for the people in Elkhart County Indiana. We would be glad to help you choose the right headstone for your loved one. We are here to provide support during a difficult time. Whether it’s creating the perfect epitaph, or help you select the right color of granite, we support you every step of the way.

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