Cemetery Restrictions on Memorials

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Cemetery Restrictions on Memorials

Selecting a memorial for your loved one is a very personal experience. Whether you want a single stone or a memorial for married couples, you have the ability to create almost any design. In fact, your custom memorial can include an image along with epitaphs. It can also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The possibilities are endless BUT they must conform to the rules and regulations of the location where it will be placed. Please verify the cemetery restrictions on memorials for your particular cemetery or run the risk of removal.

Cemetery restrictions on memorials size Always in StoneRestrictions on Memorial Size

You cannot erect a memorial in any area you do not own so make sure you know how wide your grave space is. Most of the grave spaces in Northern Indiana are 48 inches wide but sizes can vary from 40” – 72” wide. Not only does your memorial need to be smaller than the dimensions of the space, but you may need to allow for a concrete base. Some cemeteries require a concrete perimeter around your memorial.

Cemetery Restrictions on Style

Some cemeteries require that memorials adhere to certain style requirements.

  • Flat Marker
  • Upright Monument
  • Bronze Material
  • Granite Stone
  • And Others

In fact, some facilities have different style requirements for each section within the cemetery.

Northern Indiana Cemeteries

Here are just a few examples of different cemetery restrictions on memorials.

Chapel Hill in Osceola, IN

At Chapel Hill, all markers must be flat, ground level markers with a few exceptions.

Rice Cemetery in Elkhart, IN

Certain areas require the use of flat stones only. Other areas require the use of slant markers only. Certain areas have width restrictions but no height restrictions.

St. Vincent’s in Elkhart, IN

Certain areas of St. Vincent’s in Elkhart require the use of flush mounted markers only. Other areas have no restriction.

Cedar Grove in Notre Dame, IN

At Cedar Grove, architectural approval of your memorial must be granted prior to the creation of the monument.

flower vase always in stoneRestrictions on Options and Accessories

A flower vase or cemetery light can add a lot to your memorial. Many cemeteries allow you to place these accessories next to your memorial. However, you may need to follow style requirements. For instance, certain locations will only allow permanent, stone flower containers.

If you have any questions regarding the rules on memorials at your cemetery, you can contact Always in Stone or the cemetery office. Always in Stone delivers and installs custom memorials to all the cemeteries in Elkhart County.


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