Double Headstone Design

double headstone design

Double Headstone Design

One of the more popular cemetery memorials is the double headstone design. Companion headstones are appropriate for couples, families, or other types of close relationships. However, many people have questions regarding headstone designs for couples.

Whose names should you put on a memorial? What do you do if one partner is still living? Can you have more than two names on a graveside memorial? These are good questions and typically aren’t considered until after one of the partners in a relationship passes.

Of course, a memorial should have meaning for friends and family. Therefore, there are no hard rules on what should be carved or lettered on a grave marker. It depends solely on your wishes. However, if you want to know what convention dictates, we’ve put together a few guidelines for planning your memorial marker.

How to Design a Memorial for a Married Couple

One of the most common uses of a double headstone design is to memorialize the passing of a husband and wife. Typically, the headstone company will etch both names onto the stone even if one of the two is still living. Then, when the living spouse does eventually pass, family members can have the death date etched into the granite monument. This addition is done on-site, at the cemetery, and does not require you to move the memorial.

Some folks have a hard time seeing their name on a monument while they are still living. In that case, you can always add your information at the cemetery many years down the road. There is no need to do it right away.

What do you do in the case of a second marriage?

Like every other aspect of double headstone design, there is no “right answer” to this. It is entirely up to you.

If you like, you can include the husband’s or wife’s name on both of their spouse’s memorials. Many times, due to unforeseen circumstances, a spouse that passes second is not buried in the same location as the first. Regardless of the actual gravesite, you can still have both names listed on a companion headstone.

Keep in mind the purpose of a memorial is to give family and friends a place to remember their loved one. It is entirely appropriate to put the spouse’s names together even if one resides at a different location.

multiple names on a headstone

Monument Designs for the Family

With cremation becoming more and more popular, some families purchase one plot. They place the cremains of multiple family members there, regardless of their marital status. This combining of sites saves the family a substantial amount of money on cemetery lots. A single grave space often costs upwards of a thousand dollars.

Many cemeteries allow placement of up to eight sets of cremains inside of one space. Policies can vary, so you should always check with your cemetery regarding their regulations. Sharing plots can save a family quite a bit of money. However, it does mean that they must also share one memorial stone. Etching eight names on a small gravestone that physically fits over only one space can present a challenge. In such cases, you may need to forgo epitaphs or images.

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Planning Your Double Headstone Design

Nowadays, many people plan their funerals. This planning ensures that their wishes are met and relieves some of the burdens from family members. Not only can you set out the details of your funeral ahead of time, but you can also design your own headstone.

Here are the things you might want to consider when planning your headstone.

  1. Where will you be interred?
  2. What type of regulations does your cemetery have for headstones and memorials?
  3. Whose names will you include on the marker?
  4. Do you have a design in mind? Discuss images, epitaphs, and whose names will be on the headstone.
  5. Visit a local headstone company for pricing and further help with your design.

For those living near Elkhart, Indiana, contact or visit Always in Stone for pricing and help with double headstone design. Choose from a wide variety of granite and granite colors at either of their showrooms. Their customer service people can also guide you on cemetery regulations. Always in Stone delivers to all locations in Elkhart County.


double headstone design

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