The Best Size for a Graveside Memorial

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The Best Size for a Graveside Memorial

Most people are at a loss when it comes time to plan their loved one’s graveside memorial. They may feel overwhelmed at the number of choices available. For instance, a graveside memorial can be shaped into almost any custom shape. You can have images or photos etched in the stone. It is even possible to add a spouse’s name before they are deceased.

multiple names on a headstoneTo help you with the selection process, we have written a number of articles that help with things such as cemetery restrictions on shapes, memorials for married couples, gravestone material, and now size restrictions for a graveside memorial.

Cemetery Regulations on Size

All cemeteries have size restrictions on graveside memorials, so the first thing you need to do is check with their administrative offices. Here are links to some of the cemeteries in Elkhart County, Indiana.

Rice Cemetery

Rice Cemetery is located at 400 James St. in Elkhart Indiana. and is the largest city cemetery in Elkhart.

Grace Lawn Cemetery

Grace Lawn is the burial place of many men who were instrumental in the building of early Elkhart.

The Prairie Street Cemetery

The Prairie Street Cemetery is a city-owned cemetery located on the south side of Elkhart. It is on Hively Avenue, with its entrance just east of Prairie Street.

The staff at the City of Elkhart Cemetery Department handles all burials and entombments that take place in Rice, Grace Lawn and Prairie Street Cemeteries

Oakwood Cemetery

Founded in 1874, Oakwood Cemetery is located at the corner of Maple and Sheridan streets in the north part of Warsaw, overlooking beautiful Pike Lake.

According to Oakwood Cemetery policy, no monuments can be more than 24″ high (18″ for the size of the monument plus the 6″ base). The length depends on the size of the lot. You should allow a 3″ space on either side of the headstone.

Either a monument or a small marker is approved for each plot.

South Union Cemetery

South Union Cemetery is located north of Nappanee and west of Locke in Elkhart County, Indiana, on County Road 50

The Bremen Municipal Cemetery

The Bremen Municipal Cemetery sits on over 60 acres and is a place where visitors can peacefully visit past relatives or friends. You can contact the caretakers of the cemetery at their location on East 2nd St. in the Northeast corner of Bremen

According to cemetery policy, no markers, concrete aprons, flower vases, monuments or plantings can be installed without proper cemetery authority. All artificial flower arrangements should either be mounted to the monument or marker or must be in metal or concrete containers.

Common Sizes of Graveside Memorials

Memorials are made by hand, so you can get them in any size you want, however, these are the most commonly requested sizes for a gravestone memorial.

infant headstoneSingle Stone (Length x Width x Height)

  • Flat Marker – 24 in x 12 in x 36 in
  • Slant Marker – 24 in x 16 in x 36 in
  • Upright Monument – 36 in x 12 in x 30 in

Companion Stone (Length x Width x Height)

  • Flat Marker – 36 in x 12 in x 6 in
  • Slant Marker – 36 in x 10 in x 16 in
  • Upright Monument – 48 in x 12 in x 30 in

Common Questions Clients Have About Graveside Memorials

Will a larger stone last longer?

Granite does not erode, so your graveside memorial should be the same size a thousand years from now, regardless of its original size.

How many words will fit on a graveside memorial?

The text on a memorial is carved, not printed. In order for the writing to be legible from 5 ft away (standard), it’s best not to go smaller than 3/4 inch letters. Because of this, a standard size memorial (see above) can take a maximum of 70 letters. However, this is a LOT and the memorial may look crowded. We suggest 50 letters or fewer for better readability.

What is the price difference between a small and a large memorial?

The bigger the stone, the more you will have in material cost, freight, and labor to install the memorial. We can give you exact price quotes once you have selected your stone and we have received your design.


Always in Stone designs graveside memorials for the people of Elkhart County in Indiana and Michigan. If you want more information on size restrictions for your cemetery, come by our showroom or give us a call. We keep a database of restrictions for all the cemeteries in our service area.

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