Questions & Answers for Headstones and Monuments

What types of gravestones and monuments do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of natural granite colors, shapes, sizes and artwork for gravestones.  Each monument is engraved exactly as each customer wants them to be – whether that is with flowers, wedding rings, portraits, or even just plain!  We have almost 1,000 blank monuments in stock and ready for your design ideas to be applied.  We also have trucks arriving every week with new granite, just in case we don’t have exactly the right piece already in stock.

How much is a memorial?

Average costs for a decent size single monument will be $2,000 and up while companion monuments will be $3,000 and up.  Smaller stones will be cheaper, such as slants and markers.  When comparing prices online, please remember that our prices include the entire job: material, engraving, concrete footer and installation in the cemetery.

How long does it take to get a gravestone installed?

The answer depends on if we have the monument in stock that you have chosen. Also, some cemeteries pour the concrete footers under all of the monuments and they may only do this a few times per year – although in many cemeteries we are allowed to do your concrete footer.   Average lead times are about 3 months.  Please call us so we can help answer these questions for you more precisely.

Is anything I want to include on the monument free?

No.  Jobs are priced for each particular customers needs.  We charge you for our labor and material costs of the job.

Are your monuments painted?

No.  Our monuments are made from natural granite.  The unique colors are natural and are not painted in any way.  They become a brilliant shiny finish through a polishing process, revealing their original colors created by God!

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