Infant Memorials for Children Lost to Miscarriage

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Infant Memorials for Children Lost to Miscarriage

The hardest thing a parent can go through is the loss of a child. The journey through miscarriage is a difficult one to make, and moms and dads everywhere grieve for the loss of those children. While there is no way to fully ease the pain of losing a baby, an infant memorial can bring some comfort.

Many times, there is no burial service for an early miscarriage. However, holding a memorial service with family and close friends often provides closure for grieving parents.

Ideas for Planning an Infant Memorial

There are several ways to honor your child by way of an infant memorial, including the following:

  • Naming the Baby

Choosing a meaningful name for your baby is one way to honor their memory and to acknowledge the imprint that they left on the world.

  • Custom-Designed Memorabilia

Many parents who have experienced a miscarriage will invest in stuffed animals, memory books, jewelry, etc. with the baby’s name, birth date, and/or measurements. Moms and dads find comfort in remembering the details of their child’s life.

  • Holding a Service

As already mentioned, inviting loved ones to a memorial service gives time for all to grieve together. There is solace in remembering together.

  • Memorial Garden

The dedication ceremony of a memorial garden makes for a beautiful part of a memorial service. A memorial garden is typically bright and cheerful, planted in lieu of a grave. Its purpose is to honor a baby lost to miscarriage.

One addition you can make to a memorial garden is that of a custom memorial stone with the infant’s name, measurements, etc. The stone is portable, so even if you move houses, you can take it with you.

Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day

You will remember the loss of your baby every day. However, there is also a special day set aside for everyone who has experienced pregnancy loss to speak openly about it. October 15th of each year is a time to grieve openly, honor all the infants lost to miscarriages, and to remember the impact they made.

One of the most important things you can do to honor your child is to remember them. Carry them close to your heart, and think about them often.

We hope these ideas bring some comfort to you and your family. If you have any further questions regarding memorial stones, contact Always in Stone today.

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