Memorials for Dogs

memorials for dogs

Memorials for Dogs

Pets become family. Anyone who has adopted a puppy as a child, fed a stray cat that became a permanent friend, or sheltered a loving animal in their home knows this to be true. Along the way, our pets become a vital piece in the family dynamic. When they pass away, it’s as though that piece in the puzzle is missing. This is especially true for dogs. That’s why many seek remembrances or memorials for dogs that have passed.

Memorials for Dogs

We call dogs “man’s best friend” for a reason. Though the loss of one can’t be taken away, it can be made easier by honoring the memory of your best friend.

How can you do this?

There are several ways to remember your pet in the sweetest possible way.

Organize a memorial service.

This is the most immediate step after your dog passes away. Inviting close friends and family to a memorial for your dog can help bring closure to its passing. You can even design a memorial stone for the gravesite.

Carry a memory with you.

This might mean carrying a photograph of your pet in your wallet or on your keychain, having a necklace made with your dog’s name on it, or framing their collar. Preserving their memory, so you’re constantly reminded of the joy they brought to your life is the perfect way to honor them.

Invest in a local animal shelter.

Another way to honor your dog’s memory is to donate toward the lives of other dogs. Even if you can’t adopt every animal in the shelter, show your love for them by giving to your local animal shelter. With your help, that shelter can succeed in its mission to provide every dog with a home as loving as yours.

Make a new friend.

Grief is normal after losing your pet; however, it could be that after some time, the best way you could honor your old friend is to make a new one. Look into adopting another dog with the shelter, and raise them with as much joy as you did the first.

Losing a dog is difficult. However, we hope these ideas help ease the pain for you and your family. Always in Stone designs custom memorials for dogs.

If you want more information on how you can order headstones, come to our showroom or give us a call. We can help you with the design. We also offer delivery to your pet’s resting place near Goshen or Elkhart, Indiana.

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