Preserve Memories with a Pet Memorial Stone


Preserve Memories with a Pet Memorial Stone

A beloved pet becomes a friend, companion, and in reality, extended family. Their loss can affect us deeply and the grieving process can take time. You may find it helpful to place a personalized pet memorial stone in a pet memorial garden or at the site of your pet’s grave.

What do people do to honor and memorialize pets?

There are several ways to remember your pet in the sweetest possible way.

1. Place a pet memorial garden stone.

One option is to paint a paver and place it in your garden. If you are worried that the rain and wind will wear away the paint, consider purchasing an etched stone from a local headstone company.
Headstone companies can engrave an epitaph or have a picture etched onto pet memorial stones.

Granite is the perfect stone for this type of memorial. It can withstand the elements and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Consider either a flat stone or a granite boulder for garden memorials.

2. Donate to the local animal shelter.

Make a contribution to the local shelter in your pet’s name. Your gift could help another dog or cat to find a forever home. Shelters are always looking for volunteers, so also consider donating your time as well as your money.

3. Add memorabilia to your keychain.

You can always add a small “charm” or piece of memorabilia to your keychain. Dog tags are a great way to carry around a reminder of your canine friend. Miniature photo frames are also available for keychains. You could even attach a small section of your pet’s collar.

4. Adopt a new pet.

There won’t ever be a replacement for your beloved friend, but in time, you might want to give another dog or cat a chance at a loving home.

5. Hold a funeral service.

You can purchase a plot for your dog or cat at a local pet cemetery and honor your friend by placing a pet headstone at the gravesite. Invite close friends and family over to share favorite memories and to lay your companion to rest.


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How to Design a Pet Memorial Stone

Virtually every element of your pet’s grave marker can be personalized. These elements include the material, color, epitaph, and even the artwork. However, if you plan to place the stone in a pet cemetery, you will need to check if there are regulations. Some pet cemeteries restrict the size and materials you can use in the design of your grave marker.

Many people prefer for their pet’s headstone to be a celebration of their life rather than a memorial of their death.

Headstone Design that Incorporates Images

Not all grave markers are the right size or shape for an image. Obviously, small markers won’t allow much room for a picture in addition to the name and date. An upright monument or a garden memorial stone is usually larger in size and displays an image quite nicely. Your memorial designer can help you find the best style to showcase your artwork.

What should an epitaph say?

It is easy to identify special qualities in a pet, however, summarizing their entire life in just a few words can be difficult. Many times, a Bible verse or classic quote is ideal to preserve a special memory. Sometimes, the circumstances of their passing are summed up. Whatever choice you make, it should bring the memory of your companion’s respect and devotion.

Make sure you call a local headstone company and check if your design is feasible. You may also want to get a quote for the cost of the headstone. Pet memorial stones for dogs and pet memorial stones for cats are common and your local headstone company can help you if you are struggling with a design.


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