Planning a Celebration of Life Service

Celebration of Life Service

Planning a Celebration of Life Service

Losing a loved one is never easy. No matter how long a family member or friend has been gone, they leave behind a void in the hearts of those close to them. Typically, we remember those we have lost with a memorial service. However, it could also be appropriate to honor them with a Celebration of Life Service.

What is a Celebration of Life Service?

A celebration of life service is performed in place of a funeral. It is a more casual, non-traditional method of gathering with loved ones and celebrating the life of an individual who has passed away. Rather than being dark and somber, it is a joyful gathering. It recalls the good times had.

Where Can You Hold This Type of Service?

Typically, celebrations of life are not held in funeral homes or in churches, but in the homes of family, outdoor gardens and parks, or someplace that was special to the person being celebrated.

Other suggestions for holding a celebration of life include the following:

  • Testimonials
  • Refreshments
  • Music
  • Scrapbooks and other photos
  • Family mementos
  • Slideshows
  • Guestbooks

When is a Celebration of Life Service Appropriate?

This type of service can be held in lieu of or in addition to a traditional memorial. However, many find it more convenient for their family and friends. You may want to schedule the service on the loved one’s birthday or a special holiday, like Memorial Day.

Sometimes circumstances make it difficult to immediately schedule a memorial service. These circumstances could include location, financing, or a difficult time of year. In this instance, it is always possible to have a private burial and plan a celebration of life.

Additionally, you can honor your loved one by designing a custom gravestone to reflect exactly what they meant to you. This provides the perfect end to a celebration of life. Friends and family gather around the resting place of someone who was and is dear to their hearts, celebrating a beautiful life lived.

Though we grieve the loss of friends and family who have passed, a celebration of life service provides an opportunity to reflect on what they meant to us. Instead of mourning what we have lost, we rejoice in what we had.

We hope these ideas ease the pain for you and your family. Always in Stone designs custom headstones for your loved ones. If you want more information on how you can order headstones, call us today.

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