Purchase a Monument from Always In Stone

Pick Your Stone

  • Shop at a convenient ALWAYS IN STONE store where we have hundreds of monuments in stock. Big, small, unique or traditional – we have many to choose from.
  • Shop from the comfort of your own home 24/7 at If you see a monument we’ve done in the past, we can re-create it with your own personal touches.
  • Shop in the cemetery. Yes, we have almost 1,000 pieces in stock at all times. However, if you go to any cemetery, you will find tens of thousands of completed monuments. Simply take pictures or make notes to share with us.
Warsaw Headstones Always in Stone Elkhart Indiana

Select Options and Determine Pricing

  • Determine the color and shape of the monument.
  • Determine the engraving and other appointments that will be on the memorial.
  • Work with our sales staff to determine the total job cost.

Confirm the Purchase of Your Monument

  • Our talented artists will convert your thoughts and ideas into a custom rendering for your approval.
  • Sign a purchase agreement and drawing approval form.
  • Remit 50% deposit in order to start the job. The balance is due upon completion.
woman picking out a monument
headstone in goshen indiana

ALWAYS IN STONE will take it from here…

  • If we don’t have the material in stock, we will order it at once. Blank memorials can take 1-9 months to receive depending on the complexity of the job and where the natural granite comes from in the world.
  • Engrave and/or etch the memorial.
  • We will contact the cemetery to determine the correct placement of your headstone.
  • Excavate the site and pour the concrete footer, where applicable.
  • Install the monument in the cemetery exactly as you wanted it to be.