8 Unique Ways for Remembering Loved Ones

two older adults remembering loved ones

8 Unique Ways for Remembering Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is difficult, but there are many ways you can honor their memory beyond a funeral and a gravestone. If you are looking for unique, sentimental ways of remembering your loved one, consider these suggestions.

8 Different Ways for Remembering Loved Ones


1. Repurpose their clothing into something meaningful.

Many websites offer services that allow you to repurpose a loved one’s clothing into a sentimental object. Ideas include pillows, stuffed animals, quilts, and more. This is a good option if your loved one had a favorite shirt or dress that reminds you of them.

2. Plant a tree.

Many people plant memorial gardens, flowers, or trees for the ones they miss. A beautiful plant is a great way to honor someone’s memory.

3. Place their picture in a locket.

Jewelry is a great way to keep someone’s memory near you at all times. You can put a picture in a locket or a bracelet, or order custom-carved jewelry with names and dates.

4. Make a photo quilt.

Hire someone to print your loved one’s photos on fabric and turn them into a memory quilt. This is a great way to always keep their memories out and about.

5. Create a jar of memorial stones.

Have each friend or family member write a personal message for the deceased individual on a stone. Then, place all those stones in a jar. Leave it on a side-table or the mantel to help you remember all the sweet times had.

6. Order pocket charms.

If the deceased individual had many friends, kids, or grandkids, pocket charms provide a great way for everyone to have their own little memory. Charms can be personalized with a name or date, or they can simply be an item of sentimentality, like a heart. Order them in bulk and give one to each friend and family member. This works well for Celebration of Life Services.

7. Create a map of their travels.

Another outside-the-box method of honoring an individual is to make a map of their travels. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. You can purchase a world map and put their photo in every place to which they traveled. You can also hand-draw a map detailing each place they visited and what they did. The only limit is your imagination.

8. Make a signable frame available at the memorial.

Guestbooks aren’t just for weddings. Print a photograph for the memorial table, but leave plenty of space in the frame for guests to sign. Then, you have a permanent memory of everyone who cared for your loved one.

Don’t Forget the Impact of a Custom Headstone

Headstones mark an individual’s final resting place. Often, loved ones customize these stones with personal messages, sentimental quotes, or meaningful images. A personalized headstone provides a wonderful way to permanently honor someone’s memory.

Always in Stone makes custom headstones and memorials for the people in Elkhart County Indiana. We would be glad to help you choose the right headstone for your loved one. We are here to provide support during a difficult time. Whether it’s creating the perfect epitaph, or help you select the right color of granite, we support you every step of the way.

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