South Bend Gravestones & Stone Memorials

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South Bend Gravestones

Choose from a Number of Shapes and Sizes

Gravestones can be crafted in several different shapes and sizes.

Most people in South Bend choose our basic rectangle shape but Always in Stone does craft other shapes as well. We can help you create a custom design or you can bring one to us. After the design has been fixed, we finalize the drawings and submit them for your approval.

Choose from one of the hundreds of stone pieces we have in stock, either by visiting one of our showrooms or browsing our website.

Natural Stone Memorials Come in a Number of Colors

Each piece of granite is a different color. The number of hues ranges in the millions. These colors are not man-made or painted but are 100% natural color.

Granite is mined and then we cut the pieces into your desired shape. Automated polishing equipment leaves a brilliant finish.

The most popular memorial granites are gray, black and red. However, you can choose from pinks, purples, browns, greens – you name it.

We provide delivery and installation of your gravestone or stone memorial to any cemetery located in South Bend or within 50 miles of one of our showrooms.

  • We serve customers within 1 hour driving distance of Goshen, Indiana and Elkhart, Indiana.
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