Checklist for Spring Gravesite Maintenance

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Checklist for Spring Gravesite Maintenance

It is spring, and time to think about cleaning up the gravesites of your loved ones. If you are not near the cemetery, there are services available in some areas to help with the maintenance, but if you can take care of the gravesite maintenance yourself, there are a few things you will want to consider.

Remember to check the cemetery rules before you begin so you don’t waste time and money.

Basic Gravesite Maintenance

Spring is notorious for vibrant colors and breathtaking landscape. This is also time to start with the basics. Remove any debris that has accumulated around the gravesite. Spread grass seed to fill in any bare spots, and pull any weeds that are around the area.

Clean the Headstone

Most headstones are granite. However, regardless of the kind of stone you are cleaning, the first rule of thumb is to be as gentle as possible. When you clean the headstone, use a biodegradable cleaner that is PH neutral and contains No Salts, Bleach or Acids.This type of solution is very useful in removing stains and won’t harm the stone itself. It can also prevent new stains from building up.

Make it Pretty

Spring, especially around Memorial Day,  is the best time to add fresh flowers. Just remember, annual flowers die. Be prepared to go back to the site and transition the site with other decorative items. Artificial flowers save money and will be able to withstand the weather.

Again, check the cemetery rules, but some solar-powered lights are a great accent to a headstone. The bottom line for gravesite additions? It’s personal. You add what means the most to you and your loved one. This is why you visit, and you want to leave a memento of your relationship with that very special person.

Your loved ones deserve a resting place that celebrates their life and shows your love for them even after their passing. Just a few steps will make the gravesite one that shows the adoration and respect you have for them that is truly timeless.

Always in Stone designs graveside memorials for the people of Elkhart County in Indiana and Michigan. If you want more information on cemetery rules regarding graveside decorations, come by our showroom or give us a call. We keep a database of restrictions for all the cemeteries in our service area (Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw, Nappanee, Bremen, and South Bend Counties)

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