What Are the Best Options for Grave Markers?

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What Are the Best Options for Grave Markers?

Throughout mankind’s history, we have marked the graves of our loved ones. We know this because a large number of these markers still stand thousands of years after they were placed. Whether it is a pile of stones, a simple wooden cross, or a towering pyramid, we see evidence of these memorials. Today’s headstones may look simpler than what the Ancient Egyptians crafted, but they too can stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at today’s best options for grave markers.

Style Options

There are several different styles or shapes of grave markers accepted by most cemeteries. Always check the regulations before ordering a headstone or check with your headstone company. They should have a list of the local requirements.

companion headstonesFlat Grave Markers

The flat grave marker is one of the most tasteful and simple of headstones. It sits level to the ground and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Beveled Headstones

The beveled grave marker looks like a flat marker except that the back is angled up for more visibility.

slanted grave markerSlanted Grave Markers

Rather than flat to the ground, a slanted marker sits upright but is also tilted slightly backward so that they are easier to read from a standing position.

Upright Headstone

The upright headstone is the traditional look most people think of when they think of headstones. It is typically a vertical slab of granite, that is etched with an image, dates, and possibly a short eulogy.

Custom Grave Marker

Grave markers can actually be customized into a variety of shapes. If you want a heart-shaped stone or a circular marker, then it’s possible. Just always be sure to check cemetery guidelines first. Some places require that the grave markers conform to certain sizes and styles.

Material Options for Grave Markers

Just as there are many styles to choose from, there are also a number of materials that you can use to make a headstone. However, the two most common are bronze and granite.

Bronze or Metal Grave Markers

You will often find bronze or stainless steel plaques attached to a granite base. Often, you will see matching vases or other accessories next to the gravesite.

Granite Tombstones

The most common material for grave markers is granite. It is one of the hardest stone materials and will last virtually forever. Granite comes in a variety of natural colors and a stone smith can shape it into a variety of designs.

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