What Are the Different Headstone Types & Styles?

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What Are the Different Headstone Types & Styles?

There are numerous ways to commemorate your loved one. Memorial services, monuments, and headstones all serve to honor an individual’s resting place. Headstones, in particular, mark your loved one’s grave and ensure they will not be forgotten. There are several headstone types to choose from, so be sure to explore your options.

Which Headstone Types Can You Choose From?

Headstones fall into two primary categories:

Flat Headstones

Flat headstones are exactly as they sound. The base sits parallel with the ground, and the stone itself is usually only a few inches tall. Flat headstones provide a simple, economical option for those searching for a straightforward commemoration.

Raised Headstones

Raised headstones themselves fall within several categories: bevels and slants.


Bevels look like thicker flat headstones, but they are characterized by a several-inch pitch. The back is taller than the front, which results in a more slanted view of the dedication.


Slant headstones are probably what you envision when you imagine the typical headstone. They stand much taller than the other options and come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can order them with or without a base.

Overall, raised headstones offer a slightly more prominent and conspicuous option.

Which Headstone Type is Right for Your Loved One?

Choosing a headstone is all about commemorating an individual in the best possible way. Any number of factors can impact your decision, including the personality of your loved one, price range, level of simplicity, and more. Once you evaluate each factor, you might be able to narrow down the style of headstone that best honors your loved one.

Which size of headstone should you choose?

Don’t Forget About the Material

Whatever style of headstone you choose, remember that material is also a factor. Many headstones can be made out of granite, marble, concrete, fieldstone, iron, and more. You have several options for creating the perfect headstone for your loved one.


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